Travel-Friendly Record Bag

If you're looking for a stylish way to take your record collection on the road, look no further. 

Out and about on a weekend or business trip to some cool new city just isn't complete without checking out the local record store scene. And wether it's some ultra rare collector item or just a local favourite as a souvenir, it's hard not to take home a couple of new records. And there it starts - walking around the city with plastic (or canvas if you're lucky) bags of records getting damaged, bumped, wet, not fitting in your normal travel bag or suitcase, being thrown around the airport... Not the treatment you'd wish to your regular luggage, but let alone your newly collected vinyl treasures.

The KURO Record Bag solved this by designing the perfect travel bag for vinyl records. It fits your laptop, tablet, chargers, and other essentials comfortably while keeping separate compartments for 7" and 12" vinyl records, always well-protected by soft padding on all sides. And this all without compromising style - the bag doesn't feel bulky or cheap like many other record bags, but instead just looks like a very sharp leather messenger bag.

On the back of the KURO record bag you'll find a leather grab and a heavy duty leather trolley strap to attach the bag to your suitcase handle. The strap also boasts a built-in secret pocket for your passport and boarding pass, while the front pocket fits all your other stuff you'd like to have handy when on the road.

With the KURO Record Bag you'll never find yourself without a proper transport for your vinyl, so go ahead and check out the best record stores in your next destination! Get your KURO Record Bag here>>