The Design


The KURO Record Collector Bag is a record bag re-designed from the ground up around the requirements of today’s vinyl collector: Travel-friendly, weatherproof, stylish and multi-functional. It has everything you’ll need for everyday use but nothing too much.

The outside of the bag has a minimalistic design with just one large front pocket and a sweeping flap that falls over all sides over the bag opening, protecting the inside from rain and dust. On the back I've added a solid handle as well as a heavy-duty trolley strap with hidden pocket, perfect for travelling. The adjustable shoulder strap has a stuffed shoulder patch for comfortable transportation even after a record buying spree.

On the inside we’ve added a unique modular design system inspired by professional camera bags, with flexible, removable dividers to constantly (re-)fit the bag exactly to your needs. Without the dividers the bag is completely empty and plain for maximum cargo space (around 25-30 LP’s). Add dividers for carrying records plus a laptop, tablet, chargers, headphones, 7” singles (yes, we’ve added a pocket specifically for that), travel gear, etc. The dividers ensure records always sit tight and well protected, no matter what other stuff the bag holds.