About KURO


About the designer

The KURO record bag is designed by Daniel Spijker, a long-time vinyl enthusiast, DJ, collector and traveller: “The idea was born out of sheer frustration of not being able to safely carry around records in the same bag I use for travel and everyday commuting. I tried and tested every bag out there but in the end it always felt like a concession. A choice between functionality and good design, between records and my laptop and other stuff, and between convenience and solid protection.” I decided to take matters in own hands, and spent the past 12 months on designing and bringing the ultimate record bag to life.

The name ‘KURO’

Kuro means ‘black’ in Japanese and comes from the beautiful deep black color of vinyl, combined with the minimalist Japanese design aesthetic that inspired the design of the bag. It is basic and inspirational, never out of fashion, straight-forward and just beautiful.

Company details

KURO is a brand of The New Black BV, registered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands under registration number (KVK nummer) 67202861.