Collector Stories: Mark Studholme

Today we sat down with record collector, world traveler and founder of independent designer platform CrowdyHouse Mark Studholme. Originally from Kendal in Northern England, Mark currently resides in Amsterdam where he and his girlfriend turned their shared passion for design into the thriving European designer platform CrowdyHouse now is. We spent a day with Mark along the tranquil canals surrounding the ‘Crowdy Office’, paid a visit to Waxwell Records for some serious vinyl diggin’ and learned more about his musical interests and record collection: 
Record Shopping with the KURO Record Collector Bag
What was your very first record and how did you get it?
My very first record was Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band by the Beatles. It was my fathers and he gave me his record collection. On the top of the pile that he gave me was an original of this album in perfect condition. He bought this when the album just came out.
What’s your favorite record store?
My favourite record store is Rough Trade in Nottingham, England. I went there when I was a student in the city. It was one of the only stores in the city that had just been released white label House records. We would spend a whole Saturday in there, with a DJ friend of mine, listening to new records to play in bars that evening.
Record Shopping with the KURO Record Collector Bag
What's the record in your collection you’re most proud of?
I wouldn't say this is the album I am most proud of but it has the best story. The record is Avalon by Roxy Music. I had been waiting to come across it for a while in a record store. One day I was at my barbers in Amsterdam called Cut the Crap, underneath the hairdressers there is a small record store. Whilst I was getting my hair cut I heard Avalon come on the record player. It was pure coincidence. After my haircut I went downstairs and finally bought the album.
We heard you like to surf, what's your ultimate surfing holiday soundtrack?
I used to surf a lot when I lived in Australia. Where I lived at the time in the shared house we played a lot of Thievery Corporation and Fat Freddy's Drop. So anything with those bands will bring back great surfing nostalgia memories for me personally.
Record Shopping with the KURO Record Collector Bag
And finally, everyone has a guilty pleasure record :) What's yours?
My guilty pleasure record is The Stone Roses. Listening to Reni's drumming on this album is a great Sunday wake up.
Record Shopping with the KURO Record Collector Bag
Photos by Sarah van Hecken

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