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For the love of music.

Dig in style

Wether on a trip or in your local store after work, dig in style and keep that precious wax protected, wherever you go. 

The name ‘KURO’

Kuro means ‘black’ (黒) in Japanese, and reflects the beautiful deep black color of vinyl. Combined with the minimalist design aesthetic, relentless focus and appreciation for quality that inspired me on my travels through Japan, it stands for much more than just a name. It is basic and inspirational, never out of fashion, straight-forward and understated.

Your collection deserves it.

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"The Kuro Bag protects your records securely wihtout compromising style. The inspiration taken from camera bags delivers a modular system that can be used comfortably for carrying other things besides your records. You can definitely tell the amount of love and passion that Daniel has put into making this product."

JM.N. from London, UK

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